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The Obama collection a new art collection that is on tour around the county stops in downtown Durham!

Barack Obama has returned to blue coffee café in Durham! Yes the 44 president as you probably have never seen him before. The show began Monday February 15th and it is a must see exhibit in Durham. The show will be on exhibit from February 15 through April 15th, at 202 North Corcoran Street in the black Wall Street district in downtown Durham. The show is truly the talk of the town and a show that home town artist Eric Kelly III has sent may hours on to present the different emotions of Barack Obama. There will be an Art reception held at Blue Coffee Café’ on March 6, 2010 from 6pm to 10:00pm with live jazz, choirs and corporate speakers. Please RSVP to, the reception is free and open to the public.

Blue coffee cafe’ introduces its own signature blend of coffee to Durham along with the Obama collection in its gallery. Barack Obama stopped by in May 2009 for a cup of coffee and a slice of pound cake during his election campaign. The many paintings and illustration are dedicated to his victory and him becoming Americas’ first African American President.

Still to date people line up for Blue coffee café’s espresso coffees, the cafe's soup of the day, it’s fresh chicken wraps and the famous red velvet cake. The blue coffee café is truly a jewel in the center of downtown Durham and has a rich tradition of great food and great service worldwide. The current owner, Gwen Mathews, bought the business three years ago and has brought new excitement to downtown with the many planed events. Located on Corcoran and Parrish, the cafe is open during the week from seven to seven and on Saturdays from nine to three. The interior is spacious and includes its own blue coffee gallery. The next eight week artist Eric Kelly III will be featured in its gallery.

Obama the face of change show has every one downtown Durham talking. Many asking how long did it take to paint forty pictures, why a show about Barack Obama and how long the collection will be in Durham! Well Eric explained “the show was a show that my mother came up with. I was asked to do an art history show at the Lyda Merrick gallery” and while I was drawing my mother asking me to include just three pictures of President Obama in the show, she later asked for forty four to dedicate to the forty fourth presidents. I thought what a great idea and thus the show was born”!

In one window of the downtown Durham coffee shop there is a poster with the words "Obama the face of change Art show! Hanging inside are forty four paintings of the 44 president Barack Obama. Gwen Mathews who saw the show in the Hayti heritage center fell in love with the show and had to have it to open in her new gallery in February during black history month. In another window there is a sign that read spectacular, breathtaking and unbelievable which is what people of all ages are saying about the show! With blue coffee’s high ceilings and large windows the art is showcased both inside and outside. The café is use by both city planner, city councilman and business owners, who find the café a change of pace and a place to relax. The staff is not only happy they work there they embrace the idea of great customer service.

Blue Coffee customers are loyal and they show it by making this café one of the finest restaurant and galleries in Durham downtown. Every day there is never a dull moment people come from all over the city to eat and visit, sit and read or tour the gallery. For those that missed the show at the Hayti heritage center in January here is a chance to see it up close and in person. One of the greatest art shows in the history of North Carolina. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to see a show that features both abstract and expressionist artwork by one of Durham’s native son. For more information, show lectures and exhibits call 919-308-9090 or visit the web site


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