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Black History Show Annoumced

January 01, 2020

An art show featuring historical moments in time. This outstanding black history show will feature original artworks from high school and college.  A rare peak into the art style that has transformed Eric’s work from expressionist artist to an abstract expressionist artist.  This is a must see event for art lovers who follow the career of Eric Kelly III.  The show will feature limited prints and with original works of art.

Press Release

January 25, 2016 – Eric Kelly III, nationally recognized Artist/Poet/Singer/Writer announces his new website featuring his Art, Poetry and Music. Eric Kelly III arrived in North Carolina in 1961 from Washington DC with an eye for art, dance and poetry. A poetry book writer, painter, singer, storyteller and a seeker of life’s beauty, he travels the art worlds and the spiritual worlds with laser like dedication to purity.His work embodies a synthesis of both cultural and historical moments in time. When asked what kind of art he does, Kelly answers, “I am an abstract expressionist artist.” The blending of abstract, expression, portraits and sound all figure prominently in his work.This new website is an amalgamation of these forms and here you will find prints of his abstract and expressionist art, cd’s containing his poetry and voice and a marvelous two new poetry book, “Twisting in the Rain and On a Hot, Hot Day!”“Twisting in the Rain and On a Hot, Hot Day!” Features his three decade of life poems with 24 read and sung by the artist, along with his artwork. The New works of art is multi-color and large canvas, which makes the Artwork both breathe –taking and spectacular, visually appealing to abstract and his expressionist audiences.Influenced both personally and professionally by many of African American most creative and revolutionary artists, the new website documents favorite pieces of almost 4 decades of both literal and experimental work. Also a fine art illustrator, there is a whole section devoted to his illustrations, many of which were inspired by history books he has read.As a visionary artist, poet-songwriter, storyteller and vocalist, his unique style of combining words, music and visual art in book form gives the reader/listener a complete experience.With a resonant baritone voice he transports the listener/reader with fragrant images and possibilities of the heart. This makes a whole CD experience complete. The three CD set are available on the new website and on curates his You Tube channel which features his art/videography combining moving images mostly of show he has exhibited over the years, along with his art and music. The videos can be seen on the new site also.Kelly merges his art and music with her lifelong commitment to peace and history. Many of his performances, artistic public gatherings, readings, workshops, classes and artwork have history as a theme. His dedication to bringing the concept of historical moment to the world is crystallized with his “Art As Tools For History” concentration. He is the founding director of “North Carolina Art Hall Of Fame”, a continuing entity that brings artist from across the 100 counties of North Carolina to celebrate North Carolinas rich heritage of artist to the community.He brings his art and music to schools, classes, poetry readings and continues to show his work and perform in the North Carolina Area.The new site, is a terrific place to come and visit, recharge your creative batteries, get a new perspective on life, get inspired and most of all, find some great art, music and poetry!

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