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Artist at Art Museum Needs Help!

Artist Relief

I am writing this letter to explain my unfortunate set of circumstances that have caused me to ask for help. My problems began 2016 when disaster hit my life and that’s when my financial hardships and medical issues, began. Since then, I have had very little support other than my family and friends... I am embarrassed that I am even in this position in the first place. I have done everything in my power to make my life matter, but unfortunately, I have fallen short and would like you to consider me for help. I want to keep making art as a living artist and maybe one day someone will appreciate the work I make. I am a 64-year-old black artist living in Durham North Carolina. I am a practicing artist for over fifty years and I am committed to my art career. I am a visual artist that paints portraits, and is currently working on an innovative art style and a book that describes it.

My reason for asking for help is going to sound unbelievable, because I survived and I am still living. While the funding is not for four years ago or two years ago, with so many artist needing help I wanted to explain what lead me to this letter, I was finally getting my life back and now I have only hope. I am asking for help for this year, as this year has been almost unbearable.

Four years ago, I walked out a Dollar General store, slipped, and fell. I tore my rotator cuff, I had to have an operation on my left arm (I am left handed and couldn’t paint for months) Once I got better I had to train myself to write and paint with my right hand as my primary hand to continue to making art. Then while I was in rehab for my shoulder, I was headed to the grocery store and was hit by a van head on. I almost lost my life that night as a drunk driver ran a stop light and plowed into me while I was sitting still at a stop light at an intersection. I received a concussion, broken teeth, right hand and back injuries, memory loss and depression followed. I still never stop painting and drawing with limited resources. At the end of last year, I was doing better and then in March COVID 19 happens. I have not worked much or sold art and I am behind in all of my bills.

I am writing because I am currently experiencing financial hardships. I need help to pay my bills and avoid tax foreclosure just to list a few of my problems. I have been living off my family, friends and some of my art prints since January. The severity of all these incidents have caused my art practice to stop as I can longer meet people to buy my art. Now, it is to the point where I do not know where to turn… I need help as an artist any donations canvas paint, brushes or funds to help in this time of need, call or email me... or Phone Number: 919-308-9090

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Eric Kelly III

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