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ARTIST: Eric Kelly III

AGENT:  David Smith

Genre:  Documentry


IAbstract Expression: To create paintings mix with realism, expressionism and abstract art styles in a combined form using colors to give art a sense of vibrancy and movement. The boldness of the lines that overlap of color, forming the shapes of viewed an experience emotion, projecting the symmetry of tranquil or erotic thoughts that form an abstract release of expressions.


Eric Kelly III is a Poet, Painter and Master Pastelist who live and works in Durham North Carolina.  Born in 1956 in Washington, DC, he is one of the leading Abstract Expressionist artist of this generation.  His influences include, Charles White, Romear Bearden and Ernie Barnes both west African and southern African styles.  Kelly studied at North Carolina Central University and graduated in 1982. He served as the North Carolina Central Art president and is now working with the art department to start the North Carolina Central Art Hall of Fame.


Directors:  Abby Jones

Artist:  Eric Kelly III

Genre:  Abstract


In his work, he deconstructs the American expression, its history, its ordinary lines, and its bounders, that are part of everyday culture. His work addresses space assignment, the fragility of line dynamics, shape relations to subject matter and the underlying threads of form and structure that is expected. The bold line establishes a dynamic surreal quality, suggests notions of excitement and freedom, and formally unifies the objects in each image; the lines provide clues to content and interpretation. The aim of his paintings and pastel is to paint expressionistic images in an abstract style, and with non-realistic colors and shapes. His images are fundamentally about form and revealing the visual eloquence that he sees images.


 Mr. Kelly’s art draws on his individual experiences to paint a complex, multi-dimensional image with the use of bold lines and abstract images.  In creation of this art form, Kelly’s creative cadence detours from the sheer pursuit of beauty and celebrates a conscious engagement with social realism and political expressions.  In ways never clearly explained before now.   Kelly’s artistry, seen as a type of satire or parody, is inevitably tied to abstract and expressionism, and the elevation of the spirits of humankind.   His art form developed over five decades is called ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM. 


Magazine :

Artist:  Eric Kelly III

Genre:  Exprissionist


IEric Kelly III is an Artist, historian, author, singer, and poet; he is the founder of North Carolina Artist Hall of Fame where he teaches the Art of Abstract Expressionism. In his work you’ll explore how art satirists manipulate themes and also use parody as a form of expression in their content. While some artist uses a serious tone to persuade their audiences to accept their perspective on various issues, some artist specifically uses humor to convey a serious message. Eric uses abstract and expressions to convey his feeling of lines, shapes and the freedom of space to express his feelings. He uses themes that are sometimes a parody or satire to depict his emotions in his artistic creations. Eric Kelly III quite frankly is art satirist who also uses parody in his art. He uses abstract and expressionism forms of art together as a direct visual persuasion to draw emotional conclusions form his audiences. His parodies in his art are an imitation of an image that he sees with the idea of sometimes ridiculing the image or theme that he draws. His work exploits the peculiarities of an image or the persons expressions—the propensity to use eyes that stares, over the top of emotions or facial expressions, the use of certain movements, or other elements of images in his themes.


​Eric Kelly III, “Brand Investigator.”

For more than 40 years, Eric Kelly has worked with hundreds of successful small businesses, corporations and community organizations by helping them develop unique brand positioning strategies that differentiates them from their competition. Eric appreciates working with companies who see the value of going beyond mere slogans and have a desire to sell from compelling positions. Eric consults predominantly with individuals and businesses facilitating his proprietary process, “Brand Investigator.” This branding process effectively focuses a company’s brand delivering a positioning strategy that can be taken to their marketplace. He also provides one-on-one online and telephone consulting. 

Eric has international experience such as developing the brand for the Annual Black EXPO USA that traveled 12 cities worldwide, more than 100 thousand people at each event, the Black Business Expo, over 300 companies and corporations and 10,000 people attending in Durham NC, the largest African American Insurance company North Carolina mutual Life insurances company with over 250.000 policy holders, Eric has worked on advertising for both New Orleans and  Las Vegas Harrah’s casinos  and is currently working with James Stephens III, comedian worldwide.   Eric is responsible for brand strategy and applying the brand image throughout the entire advertising and marketing materials, media, signage and more.

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Directors:  FRANCES cAGLE




Forms manifest in the resonance of a curve, the rhythm of a pattern, the dichotomy of light and shadow. They abound everywhere in abstract and expression: the boldness of the line, the overlap of color chasing the shape, the symmetry of a tranquil thought.  We emulate them in everyday living: the arch of an eye brow, the movement of sternness. These innate forms, expressions from the larger world, connect with us at a basic level and help us to organize and understand our world.   I have explored and continue to explore this innate art form across a variety of subjects and in many different processes. 

The work you will see in this series “Obama, the face of change” spans five months during president Barack Obama’s run for office commemorating with his victory and his daily service.  It is united because it all starts with my very basic reaction to, then senator Barack Obama running for president and the exploration of my impressions and expressions after he won.


These paintings are a part of a solo show I had entitled, “Obama the face of change” at Lyda Merrick Gallery in the Hayti Heritage center. The show ran from December 11, 2009 through February 8, 2010. The show consisted of forty four pastel paintings and several prints. My paintings are about looking at the expressions of a president as he ran for office.  I started these current paintings in 2008 and I thought to myself that I am at a point in my life of letting go of space and time and entering a world of dynamic lines and bold images with borderless bounders.  To create inner expressions of a person’s character while a subject attempts to change history.  Every time I pick up a paintbrush or a pastel, I am bombarded with nostalgia of abstract emotions and expressions that are hidden deep within the thoughts of how people feel in frozen moments of their time.


To create my paintings I mix realism, expressionism and abstract art in a combined form using colors to give my art a sense of vibrancy and movement.  Some of my pastels have more apparent strokes than others, which I really enjoy to show a sort of texture of surface of an object. I choose to use large-scale paintings to overwhelm an audience just as an expression overwhelms a person when emotion takes over. The approach I took for the first several paintings was that I painted the subject in random thought sequences and placed them in an order that followed the president’s race.  I would draw certain likeness of portraits and place an overriding theme so that there was balance throughout my show and composition. 


My work is inspired by life its’ ever changing moments, growth and the imagination of inner thoughts. I create large-scale paintings with imagery that overwhelms the audiences to the point of the exhaustion.   Many of my paintings deal with expression and abstract emotions and they give the viewer much to think about.


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