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The Kelly Collection

•There are and there always will be prominent and talented individuals in the world. The Kelly Collection is without a doubt one of the most important private art collections in the United States and the world, which includes a spectacular array of paintings, sculptures and numerous masterpieces of Eric Kelly III. The Kelly Collection of 20th and 21st century artworks, made by Eric Kelly III is sold exclusively at the Eric Kelly Museum. Even though it has been present on the city’s art scene for over forty years, the institution has already established itself as a force to be reckoned with for collectors, having been the only private art museum that sale art works made by Eric Kelly III. The mission of the Eric Kelly III Museum in Durham North Carolina is to serve as a unique educational resource for the diverse audiences of the world and the community through exhibitions, interpretation, collection, and preservation of works made by Eric Kelly III.

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•Kelly is much more than just an artist, he is a businessman, a visionary, author, scientist and a thinker who has created his own art style. Eric Kelly III museum, a museum he and his grandmother established in 1982 on 411 Walker Street. Eric’s grandmother agreed to open a small museum and gallery in her house to sell his artwork to collectors. Now years later the Eric Kelly III Museum has lasted the test of time. Eric serves as the curator and artist for his self-named art museum. He has stayed the course of accepting appointments for collectors only who are looking for original works of his art.

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• It was Henry Stancil, his great grandfather who thought up the concept of how to preserve and sell his work. Mr. Stancil shared with him the best way he thought to sell his work with the world. Henry Stancil bought Eric’s first piece of artwork while he was in junior high school, which inspired him to pursue his art. Henry Stancil told Eric don’t just give your art away, sell to collectors if you expected to be appreciated as an artist, Henry repeated collectors would value your art, preserve it and collectors would pay what it is worth. Mr. Stancil also said to put your value on your work because if it worth making it is worth whatever your value is. Mr. Stancil also said hold on to your works because they would be more valued as you get older. As years have passed, Eric has only sold originals to collectors.

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• My experience while viewing his art, that it has a universal power and the spiritual interpretation his dynamic art can heal souls. Art lovers and collectors routinely descend on New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. to check out some of the nation’s best art. It might be time for them to pencil in a trip to Durham NC, too.

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