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Artist Statement

•Welcome to the Eric Kelly III Museum Book. Line colors and shapes, my art is a journey through time and personal growth. In the beginning when I drew my first line a line I will never forget it change my life it gave me a place to escape to a place of solitude and peace. I would draw on paper, wood the floors, the walls and canvas. I found in drawing a place to express my feelings. I felt good something I could not stop or looking away from not drawing every day It’s my passion, my life it’s my joy many people ask my when do I have time and I always say I always have time, I make time, there are a lot of thing I could do during the day or night but when it comes to art I sometime don’t sleep.

•I have to draw it what I do, many times people ask me where do I get my inspiration from I say when I wake up and my god lets me breath I am inspired by just the new day! I am always ready to draw, paint, sing dance or even create advertising to me it’s all a form of art. Expressive, thoughts, feelings, conversation, poetry all inspires me! This journey in on is beautiful its exiting it what I live for each day… my late grandmother use to say if I can help somebody each day then her living would not be in vain, so every day I try to help somebody each day and my art is a reflection of my contribution to the world each day.

•Drawing and painting is a silent love in motion... I use the under paint and the raw paint as part of my art Expressive. Each time I paint I step back and study the image to see what its saying to me. The art of creation to me is a movement in emotions and abstract lines with touches of perspective, geometrics, realism and Expressive. I sometime like to say my music is like jazz, funk rhythm and blue, country western and classical music, it just a mix of impressionist, realism. Abstract, it is a mixture of all art and it is defined by the Expressive that it displays.

•I am not a precision artist, precision art is like a photograph and to me that kind of work is boring--- I need flexibility of thought, I want to connect with the audience. Make them images what beyond the canvass borders. I want to challenge the human spirit, and cross boundaries of feelings thru the use of my interpretation of my felling. I want art to flourish without the notion of stopping motion of the definition how and where color is supposed to be. I want art to be devoid of meaning, and let each person that sees my work to come to their own conclusions. That to me is what my art is about!


•Eric Kelly III is an artist, businessperson, poet, scientist, dancer, musician and master pastelis who live and works in Durham North Carolina. Born in 1956 in Washington, DC, he is the leading Abstract Expressive artist of this generation that emerged in the wake of the influence of Charles White, Romear Bearden and Ernie Barnes. Kelly studied at North Carolina Central University in the late 1970s.

•There, he absorbed the acute attention to form, space, lines an associated with sculpture and illustration, subsequently refining his own visual and conceptual art form that emerged through his focus on the points of intersection between people’s emotions, and Expressive.

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[if ppt]•• Kelly’s work can be found in myriad of public and private art collections in the United States, and has been seen in numerous exhibitions. His works has since crossed multiple mediums within art, including drawing, illustration, video, performance art and entertaining audiences for decades. “Since the early 1970s, his work has evolved into the creation of historical drawing and painting based on portraits of historical moments in time. In 1980’s He began creating abstract and Expressive pieces on wood, canvas and cloth by hand. Abstract and Expressive has now become a very prominent feature in his work and he continues to use deep bold lines that he used in early 1970’s.

• • Abstract Expressive: To create paintings mix with realism, Expressive and abstract art styles in a combined form using colors to give art a sense of vibrancy and movement. The boldness of the lines that overlap of color, forming the shapes of viewed an experience emotion, projecting the symmetry of tranquil or erotic thoughts that form an abstract release of Expressive. • •In his work, he deconstructs the American Expressive, its history, its ordinary lines, and its bounders, that are part of everyday culture. His work addresses space assignment, the fragility of line dynamics, shape relations to subject matter and the underlying threads of form and structure that is expected. The bold line establishes a dynamic surreal quality, suggests notions of excitement and freedom, and formally unifies the objects in each image; the lines provide clues to content and interpretation.

The aim of his paintings and pastel is to paint Expressive images in an abstract style, and with non-realistic colors and shapes. His images are fundamentally about form and revealing the visual eloquence that he sees images. •Recent group and solo man exhibitions include Painting Now and Forever Part I, The Face of Change, A portrait of a President Lydia Meerick Moore Gallery, North Carolina; Behind the Brush, Los Angeles; Crossing the Line, Blue Museum of Art, Chicago; The Brinkley Sculpture Center, Atlanta Ga; and JCCEO From One man to the Other, Birmingham Alabama. Recent solo exhibitions were held at the Blue Coffee Gallery, the Talk of the Town Gallery, Black Wall Street Gallery and Kelly Gold Gallery in NC. His recent books Art Anthology and Barack Obama the Face of Change. Along with his art Kelly has produced three Poetry CDs and three other books, On a Hot, Hot Day, Twisting in the Rain and Affirmations and Thoughts for Life. •For Art shows and Tours contact: Eric Kelly III, or 919-308-9090[endif]

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